IT Support

Monitor and maintain your systems and document all your IT activities.

Scope of services can include:

If your Information System is not performing up to expectations or the processing speed is on the decline, it may be time for some expert system maintenance. Our technical staff have experience with just about every type of hardware, software and network configuration used in the current industry environment. We can optimize your systems processing speed, solve your connectivity problems, resolve data corruption issues, and much more. Our staff can quickly diagnose and resolve those nagging problems, large or small.

We cater to several customers each of whom have their own requirements. Our solution is a comprehensive Information Technology Maintenance contract that automatically address the problem of system degradation and reduces the chance of failure.

Scope of work includes:

Permanent on site assistance, dedicated coordinator and interlocutor

Planning and implementation of disaster recovery solutions

Bottleneck detection and prevention

Preventive and corrective actions

Unlimited timing in case of service oriented contracts



Dedicated system engineer, fix intervention planning

On call assistance

On call intervention

Service oriented contracts