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The shop floor is made up of 2400 sq.mts area besides a storage area of 900 sq.ms with 5000 material references worth 9,000,000.00 Dhs.

The production team comprises a supervisor and a group of team leaders under whom a batch of trained and well experience technicians put their combined efforts to bring out the best in quality products id various L. V. switchgear panels and control panels etc.In all above 3 levels, their work-in-progress is documented through auto-control sheets.

All machines and equipments are carefully controlled on periodical basis so as to ensure a consistency in the performed operation(corrective and prevent ice actions are recorded).

Critical assembly tasks are subject to a thorough checking of the hand equipment.

Crimping, cutting, stripping tools as well as torque wrenched are internally verified with logged results for traceable purposes and certification is done by certified laboratories in addition to internal calibration.

As part of the everyday schedule, production, material, co-ordination and design people meet to discuss the progress if jobs and planning for new ones.

In addition to the above the shop floor is upgraded to contemporary equipments and has stood from time to time to meet the rapid and growing technology.