MEP Contracting : Marketing Tenders

Entrusted to the Assistant Manager (Marketing and Business Development), who closely coordinates with his Division's Manager and the General Manager, the duties require an acute knowledge of the market and its related chain of decisions: end users, local authorities, consultants, main contractors...

From the very early stages of contact with the client up to the internal contract review, the Assistant Manager- Marketing and Business Development will act as a facilitator, to obtain the very best level of understanding between the client the company, which will be later be bound by a flawless contract within the proven limits of Verger Delporte UAE Ltd.

Under the supervision of a qualified engineer, a sound and efficient business approach to attain the best technical solutions devised asserting to the needs of the client.

Based on the updated list from approved suppliers, it will be the task of the Tender Coordinator to make a right decision between the suppliers based on whose materials quality/price ratio together with after sales support will best fit the client's particular requirements.

Always on a technological watch, the engineers will strive to make the client benefit from the latest market development in electro-mechanical installation, if allowed to do so.

Worked out in close association with the other sections, if required, the offer will be subsequently checked by the management to ensure its relevance and suitability.