MEP Contracting : Project Execution

Adequately programmed from a collaboration of all sections (Tender, Design, Material, Procurement, Logistic and Site teams), which produce a collection of expert advise, the project is entrusted to a Contract Coordinator, under the overall supervision of the Contracting Division Manager.

Drawings and materials approval by the consultant stand as the starting point of all related site works, to be executed, tested, commissioned, and handed over to the client, within the allotted times.

Suitably manned as per the updated workload, the site is initially organized according to the specification of the job; hierarchical levels optimized in order to get the best output from responsible and earnest personnel.Current site competencies and resources can be described as follows:

Contract Coordinators on assignment, exercising functional responsibilities

Incumbent Site Engineers, guiding Foremen or Team-Leaders

Senior, Junior Electricians or Plumbers

Safe and well-suited transport and handling means

Carefully controlled quality tools and electrical appliances, make up actual conditions for a quality and productive job on site; source of satisfaction from the contractor to the end user.