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Generator Control Panels up to 6300 A CAMGRO System


Type tested and compliant with IEC 61439-1

Load manager, power reverse protection, earth fault, field lost control, auto-manual sysnchronisation, dual volt meter, dual frequency meter all comes in one panel.

Integrated with PLC logic and microprocessor based relays.

Designed for both withdrawable and fixed versions

Electrical distribution by using Schneider Electric components like MCCB & ACBs

Integrated electrical governor system with the differences in Voltage, frequency and phase angle set.

High performance, high safety and long lasting installation by design.

Hooter-alarm announciation for fail to start.

Test switch Controls for Healthy start and stop.

Total integrated solution from one source


Auto mains failure detection

Generator auto start/stop.

Generator and bus voltage monitoring

Frequency monitoring

Reverse power relay trip protection

Auto load sharing

Alarm announciation

Remote operation and monitoring

High level safety and reliability

Micorprocessor based relay or PLC control for logic built-up.


Oil & Gas


Water Treatment


Pumping Stations