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Intelligent Motor Control Centres up to 6300 A CAMGRO System


Type Tested and compliant with IEC 61439-1 by using Schneider Electric components

Ensure the power supply as well as control and protection of your electric motor and loads.

Integrate perfectly into your site infrastructure through intelligent and communicating architectures which are open to all industrial networks.

The wide range of intelligent power control centre (IPCC) and intelligent motor control centre (IMCC) covers all continuous and electrical process requirements

Right function as well as the right choice of operational modes.

Optional level of performance in terms of protection, measurements, connectivity and communication architectures.


Maximum productive time

High reliability and increased dependability of the installation

Safety of persons and assets, maintenability and upgradeability

Lead time management and cost reduction throughout the installation's extra life cycle.

Simplified integration to the site infrastructure to any energy management & control system and to any process automation system, whatever the communication protocol etc.


Oil and gas, Petrochemicals.

Heavy Industries

Water and waste water treatment

Food and beverage


Micro electronics